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Android Game Development


Android is a Java-based environment. This is nice for new developers as Java is widely accepted as a much easier language to get started in than C++, which is the norm for mobile development. If you're familiar with Java and have already used Eclipse, getting your first app working should be fairly simple. If you've never coded anything in your life before, you will have a lot to absorb as you move forward, but don't get discouraged.



Get the SDK:


The first step in getting started with the Android platform is to get the Android SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK has the core libraries, an emulator, tools and sample code.


Learn the application architecture:


You will want to understand Applications, Activities, Intents and how they are all related to each other.The really important thing is to understand why your game may need to consist of more than one Activity and what that means to designing a game with good user experience. This is where things tie in to the Activity lifecycle.

The main loop:


Depending on what type of game you are writing, you may or may not have a main loop. f you are writing an action game or a game that has animations, timers or any kind of automation, you should seriously consider using a main loop. The order of execution is usually as follows: State, Input, AI, Physics, Animation, Sound and Video.


Android Runtime:


Android includes a set of core libraries that provides most of the functionality available in the core libraries of the Java programming language.

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