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Blackberry Game Development


Personalise your BlackBerry smartphone with games, social networking apps, themes, personal productivity apps and so much more. Put more of your life on your BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry smartphones are not just for business. As it turns out, the BlackBerry is for gaming, too.

A-1 Technology design and create fun and sophisticated game applications.Our blackberry team is expert as they have complete knowledge about the techniques for using music, action, graphics for building gorgeous user interfaces, scalable vector graphics, basic game actions, peer to peer games, role playing games, and more.


Blackberry At IT Company Pakistan


  • Building a custom user interface with your game's theme

  • Graphics to the next level with SVG

  • Boogie on down with a MMAPI music player

  • The differences between MIDlets and BlackBerry's proprietary CLDC applications – how     (and why) to write your game as one type or the other

  • Optimizing your games with BlackBerry-specific APIs and tools

  • Tips and techniques for optimizing game graphics

  • Building games for two players or the whole world with GPS, SMS, and the Internet

  • Creating space adventures that may confound your mind with their awesomeness

  • Driving a toy sports car from your BlackBerry using Bluetooth and USB

  • Selling your game on BlackBerry App World and beyond

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