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Efficient .Net web development services that provide all round value


IT Company Pakistanis a perfect destination to get the top quality service as we have expertise in ASP.NET technology. Our team comprises of specialists of ASP.NET technology enabling our clients to take maximum benefit in ASP.NET. We have here by offered you a brief account about the technologies letting you know about there use.

ASP.NET (Active Server Pages .NET) is a web development technology from Microsoft. Part of the .NET Framework, ASP.NET allows developers to build dynamic web applications and web services using compiled languages like VB.NET and C#. Using Visual Studio, the development tool from Microsoft, web developers can develop very compelling applications using ASP.NET, with the ease of drag-and-drop server controls.






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Benefits Of


ASP.NET offers several important benefits: Manageability. ASP.NET uses a text-based, hierarchical configuration system that makes it easier for you to apply settings to your server environment and Web applications. Because ASP.NET stores configuration information as plain text, you can apply new settings without using local administration tools. Security, ASP.NET provides default authorization and authentication schemes for Web applications. Developers can easily add to, remove, or replace these schemes. Easy deployment, you can deploy an ASP.NET application to a server by merely copying the necessary files to the server, without restarting the server. Enhanced performance, ASP.NET is compiled code that runs on the server. ASP.NET takes advantage of early binding, just-in-time (JIT) compilation, native optimization, and caching services out of the box. Flexible output caching, ASP.NET can cache page data, portions of a page, or entire pages. When ASP.NET is running on Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0, ASP.NET can cache entire pages in the high-performance IIS kernel cache. Mobile device support, ASP.NET supports any browser on any device. Scalability and availability, ASP.NET includes features specifically designed to improve performance in clustered and multiprocessor environments.


ASP.NET and your business


Microsoft has done an excellent job with automating common web development tasks, but more importantly they have created a tool that gives developers the ability to handle any business problem. Some of the features and benefits ASP.NET can offer your business include security, performance, time saving features, and quality.







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