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Google TV is an internet-connected television platform.Google TV is not a Television, it's a software platform, a limited OS (Operating System) that works only with specific hardware, for now, like Logitech Revue, and Sony Internet TV and Blu-ray Player.So how can you get Google TV? Right now, there are only 3 devices that will allow you to get GTV: Sony Internet TV, Sony Blu-ray player with GTV and Revue by Logitech. All 3 devices require that you have a fast DSL or Cable Internet connection with a wired or wireless router.



Google TV Programming

Google TV Programming leverages many of Google’s existing products which are as follows:- Google’s Android operating system provides the underlying foundation, allowing developers to create applications that extend the system’s functionality. 

Google’s Chrome browser provides a gateway to the Internet, allowing consumers to browse web sites and watch television, in tandem. 

Consumers can access HBO, CNBC, and content from other providers through the Chrome browser. 

Google TV Programmers have build applications that allow customers to access content in unique ways. Netflix, for example, has built an applications that allows customers to access Netflix’s large library of movies and television shows. 

Android and Apple phones can be used as remote controls for Google TV. 

Google TV Programming products ship with wireless remote controls with a full QWERTY keypad. 


Hire Google TV Programmer

Experts at A-1 Technology can mend and develop any kind of Google TV application for Google TV Programmers.


Hire Google TV Programming Supports Following Devices


  • Sony Internet TV - 24", 32", 40" and 46" models (NSX-24GT1, NSX-32GT1, NSX-40GT1 and NSX-46GT1)[13]
  • Sony Internet TV Blu-ray (NSZ-GT1)[14]
  • Logitech Revue (PN 970-000001)[15]


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