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Jordan Ellington
President & VP of Legal Technology

"We have been using the IT company Pakistan application development and QA teams on our projects for more than a year, and in my opinion they compare favorably in terms of project management, individual skills and communication over other eastern European and Asian offshore companies. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this outfit to any company seeking managed offshore development with reasonable rates and good work product."


Ali Pasha
Chief Technology Officer, ADSOVO Inc.

"We really appreciate the responsiveness of the IT Company Pakistan team members. It is a pleasure to work collaboratively with them, especially when choosing resources for the project is concerned. I have worked on outsourced projects in the past with both positive and negative experiences. I can confidently say that our experience with Elinext Group has been very positive."


Wasif Khan
Vice President, NITRA S.A.

"I contacted IT Company Pakistan for a problem we had in our website. I had the pleasure to work with Mr.Jawwad. Mr. Imran and his team were very helpful and fixed the problem in no time. For this reason and the way in which we interacted I highly recommend IT Company Pakistan. ”


e-Commerce website from USA.

" I needed a subscription based e-commerce site professionally designed and decided to hire this company. I was amazed at how fast they worked! My logo and homepage design was done within days. And the quality was that of a fortune 500 company! If I had hired a US company to do this work I would have paid 5 times as much. "


Iowa, USA

" I would like to send my special thanks to your team , for all the hard and professional work they did!!!

The project started almost 3 months ago and it was complicated, fun and educating to work on this together.

The site is looking good and users love it thanks to the contribution of each one of us and we should be very proud of our product ! "





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