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Working Model of our IT Company


Like other professional companies, Our IT Company has also the great working model that allows our clients and buyers to get more benefits and control over supplies and projects. You can easily choose proper engagement models of working that are suitable with your requirements and needs. By keeping in mind the duration, size and delivery dates of the projects, it becomes easier for you to get proper results and feedbacks. We are always ready and willing to accept proposals from our clients regarding the delivery of projects..


Fixed Price Models

Such types of models are very simple and generic when it comes to terms and conditions of the project. There are less chances of any delay and we provide proper guarantee to our clients regarding the delivery of the projects. All the details of such working models are discussed and agreed before the beginning of project.



Specific Time And Material Model

In this type of working model, a buyer has the complete right on the working hours of the developing team. In this mode, a buyer has to pay only for the working hours and no payments for the delays and ay breaks. In short, he keeps proper eye on you while you are working in specific mentioned time periods.



Devoted Team Model

In this working model, our IT Company provides a proper team of developers to the buyer that are willing to hire permanent virtual workers for a specific time of period. In this model, our designers and workers are fully bound to the demands and requirements of our buyers and the client has the complete right to make amendments and changing in the project whenever he/she wants.


Hybrid Model

Our Hybrid model is the best model for those clients that are not sure about the deadlines of their project. So, we offer this model because it is the combination of fixed cost model and Time Material model. Once, the project gets streamlined and buyer is sure about the deadlines and proper requirements, he has the right to adopt fixed cost or Time Material model.





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